Can (con): Volume 1 marks the first in a series of evolving collaborative book/performance works by Elyse Moir and Merle Harley. The prints are to be taken out, touched and passed around in order start a conversation, a critical debate, or to be enjoyed as art works and to have a laugh. The work combines and contrasts new and pre-existing images and texts to satirize and engage the often difficult relationships between collective and individual memories, histories and identities. Can (con) creates a visual language which locates itself within the politics of remembrance seeking to expose, disrupt and reflect back to us the cultural, social and political truths and myths about our country. Ultimately, this is a work which deploys a dark sense of humour to question the existence of a national Canadian identity. Sorry.
Created in 2014. Volume 1 was nominated for the starfish award. All three volumes were part of 'A strong canada' at the anna leonowens gallery in 2014.