Installation built for Alexandra hickox's project 'Can You Read My Hands' based on visualizations of 3 peoples responses about communication and their movements in sign language. 
installed as part of rogue wave, 2022
Alexandra's project description: "The installation aims to capture people's attention, making them wonder. Most thoughts would be why I can't read that, that's the point. It might be a fun colourful line but it's a 3D version of the movement of sign language, the path of the hands. This encourages people to look up the videos and see what our stories are and what we want to tell them. The viewer can use the QR code to see the videos, these stories are about sign language, as well as the experiences as Deaf person, a common example is the frustration of people not making an effort to understand us or include us."
See the full video here:
More work by Alexandra and her company undivided Production here:
Screen shots of video by Alexandra Hickox showing Natasha "Courage" Bacchus, Celeste Mance and Alexandra Hickox 
 Thanks to Seger family, Karl Seger and Toni Hickox April Hickox, Gaye Jackson, Shadowland, John Spencer, Leonard Schlichting, Undivided Production and Rogue Wave team for your support
Installation made by Merle Harley with assistance of Theo Harley