Multi-Species Daydream: a garden in the depths of winter
SK Maston and Merle Harley met on Toronto Island and bonded over mutual themes in their artistic work. With a specific interest in the comingling of multispecies life worlds, they began developing an artistic collaboration. 
 For the Winter Island residency program at Artscape Gibraltar Point Maston and Harley took on the underused greenhouse. The interior and exterior of the greenhouse was be reimagined, transformed into a multispecies winter ecosystem. This ecosystem was populated with image submissions from the local community, AGP artists and beyond who were called upon to submit a drawing, painting or image of a plant, insect or animal. The submissions were installed as if they inhabited it creating a collective daydream of a garden oasis within the greenhouse.
An immersive piece wherein spectators may explore both interior and exterior of the greenhouse. At dusk, video works where be projected onto the greenhouse giving viewers the feeling of natural exploration, strange awe and uncanny visualization of a dream of spring. Contributors come looking for and find their submission alive as part of this greenhouse world.
Featuring works by:
Jim Belisle, Nat Lister, Bryan Swift, Susan Clarahan, Leida Englar, Julia Tait, Madison Cleary, Darren Reinhart, Laura Demers, Cathryn MacFarlane, Cadence Planthara, Anna Christina Nendza, Chris Foster, Esther Sewing, Katrina Afonso, Lisa Cristinzo, Ginger Dean, Brittany Carmichael, Eric Diolola, Luisa Milan, Jamie Ly, Linda Rosenbaum, Elyse Moir, Mitchell Fenton, Kristin Basmadjian, Laura Shepherd, David Bellemare, Betsy Canfield, Bie Engelen, Alison Thompson, Mary Dyja & Ingvar, Larque Law, Brad Harley, Gaye Jackson, April Hickox, Michael Greco, Heather Grant, Alice Norton, Rick/Simon, Inese Gravlejs, Alexandra Hickox, Anne Barber, Jonathan Middleton and Heather Frise
Photos and videos by Luisa Milan, Jamie ly, Reese Mccrone and Brad Harley